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●Pattern:Cork Wallpaper Series
●Features stunning textured effect
●A stylish cork effect wallpaper
●Roll Size:0.915m*infinite length
●High quality Non woven wallpaper
●Easy to apply
●Gold cork wallpaper with flecks
Stunning tree texture wall cover
This beautiful cork wallpaper will add a stylish finishing touch to most rooms of your home. The design features a cork effect pattern in tones of beige and cream, with subtle metallic gold detailing and a softly textured matte finish. This is overlaid with a taupe texture design for a contemporary feel. Easy to apply, this high quality wallpaper would look great when used to create a feature wall or to decorate an entire cork wallpaper with flecks.
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"Cork” – This is what the cork oak bark is called in everyday life, the main feature and advantage of which is its rapid regeneration. It is received from 15-year-old trees, extracting from the trunk once in 10 years, which is completely safe for the tree. Moreover, it retains its properties for up to 200 years. A large producer of cork is Portugal. Less often it produces in France, Italy, Spain and the north of Africa.
●Stunning aesthetics, this is an excellent option for lovers of interiors in eco-style;
●Low heat conductivity – The cork perfectly accumulates heat without blocking the cold from outside;
●Good sound insulation – The porosity of the material perfectly absorbs and dissipates sound waves;
●Regulation of humidity level – the cork naturally adjusts the humidity, keeping it at the optimal level for the human body;
●Antistaticity – The plug is electrically neutral, so it does not attract dust, always remaining clean;
●Fire safety – Despite the “arboreal” origin, the cork is absolutely not combustible;
●Durability – Due to its porous structure cork wallpaper is resistant to mechanical impact. In addition; it does not fade and does not lose color, even under intense sunlight;
●Safety for the human body – Cork has antibacterial properties; it is hypoallergenic, prevents the appearance and development of mold and fungus, even in conditions of high humidity;
●Ease of maintenance – These wallpapers are easy to clean, do not deform when exposed to water and household discount Cork Wallpaper online
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