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n the morning, when I stopped to play on the beach by the sea, I stared at the splendid and dazzling sand under the sun, just like the golden golden years I have traveled for more than ten years. In these years, I don't know how many days and nights I have been ruined; I don't know how much time I have been holding in the boundless sea of ??learning; I don't know how many dreams I have neglected Newport 100S. It��s like I gave up the ocean behind me for this piece of gravel, but I was suddenly surprised to find that the deep or shallow left on this beach is the footprint of growth. So I went to those footprints, which brought memories deep inside. Listen, on the shore, the waves hit the sound of the reef, like my heartbeat, never stopped. The growth brings about honing, so that each corner is smoothed, so that each retreat is replaced by advancement, so that each abandonment becomes the power of immortality. "I hope that more people in the world can cherish every step of their own footprints, diligently record, be willing to relive, dare to laugh at themselves, and be good at correcting them. They will be irrigated and moisturized before and after. See, the shore, the waves push The picture of the gravel, that is my dream is once again impacted by reality. I wrote down my own memory on the day and night, this is my simple dream. I repeatedly hit the wall in the dark, when I saw sporadic Ray, that is the people who support me. They give me strength. Although it is just the same as the "power of fine sand", it always tells me that "there is no accumulation of steps, no miles, no accumulation of small streams, no rivers." "The truth. I look for the imprint of the coming, "one sand, one world, one flower and one heaven." The so-called "heaven" is where the footprints stop, there is no longer a sky, but a piece of life. Touch, On the shore, the different depths and intermittent footprints, like my life stumbling on the road ahead. But I have not bowed to the oncoming waves, the waves will not sympathize, he will be again and again. Brush the imprint on the beach. In my memory, the footprints accompany me every sunset, recording tears and joy, carrying my failure and glory, leading the direction of my life, whoever has a smooth life Cheap Cigarettes, This is just human pursuit of good idealism and ignorance. Reality will always give you a head-on blow, just like my dream has been annihilated in the bud again and again. But I am not afraid of those ridicules Newport Cigarettes, I will always be in the direction of the wind. Make a solid footprint.
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