Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Chrono Quartz H76552933 replica watches


hamilton khaki watch Shoulder guards on both sides of the screw-down crown prevent accidental operation. The watch is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and a NATO strap, and a display case with replacement tools is also included. This watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm and is equipped with an H-10 movement modified from the ETA basic movement, which provides up to 80 hours of power reserve. The new watch is unique in design and outstanding in appearance. It not only has the elements of an antique diving watch, but also shows the style of a modern sports watch.

38 mm diameter matte precision steel case, three pointer display, dark dial with bright luminous number, and can display hour and minute scale, durable NATO military strap: the new Kaqi field manual chain mechanical wrist watch faithfully reproduced the prototype of 1940s, following Hamilton's military heritage This new watch has no redundancy. Its prototype has the function of pulling out the crown and stopping for seconds, so it is also called "hack" watch.

buying replica watch Stop second function has become the standard function of all mechanical wristwatches, and it is an ideal way for sergeant to synchronize wristwatches There are two watch options: one is matte black dial with white luminous number and time mark, equipped with matte fine steel sandblasted case, equipped with khaki "NATO" military strap with dark brown leather ring; the other is matte brown dial with sand super luminova ® luminous pointer, digital time mark, equipped with sand "NATO" military strap and dark brown leather Ring.

Compared with other watches of H family, jazz series thin gold wristwatches have not much innovation in dial design, but with the combination of various elements, especially the use of gold material, they still give people a unique meaning. The case is made of 18k rose gold. It is polished and polished. Rose gold can not only give people a golden enjoyment, but also avoid being too bright. The arched dial is paved with meaningful silver white.

replica luxury watchess It is equipped with rose gold pointer and scale, and encircles the rose gold watch ring. The "gold, silver and silver" meet in one between the wrists. The sharp edged Crown Princess pointer only has two hours, eliminating the common second hand. The scale adopts the graphic format of three-dimensional inlay. It does not use the general Roman and Arabic numbers. The dial design is simple and generous, and it is very convenient to take the time. At the same time, there is a calendar display window at the six o'clock position, which is bright and convenient for the general life The round ear is made of 18k rose gold, polished and polished. It feels mellow and comfortable to touch.

In 1928, the famous 18K piping rock of the same series was launched. This year, Hamilton released this wristwatch not only in tribute to the gold wristwatch of the 1920s, but also in 1892 to commemorate the year of Hamilton brand.

The side is decorated with stripes. The size is appropriate and the adjustment is convenient. Hamilton's logo "H" is printed on the top of the crown to highlight the brand culture. (insert a sentence a little bit. Do you feel the super thin of the case just by looking at this picture?) Black calfskin strap, with retro and delicate lines, is made by hand. It's comfortable to wear. Black symbolizes mature and stable.


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