Re: Account activation e-mails

From what I can tell, Yahoo and some private servers are having issues, while gmail is not. I go through and manually activate everyone at least twice a day right now, so if you didn't get a mail come back in a few hours/tomorrow and try logging in with your credentials. If it doesn't work, send me an e-mail mephki )at( NEHG (dot) info.

Re: Account activation e-mails

Email sending is a known issue and we're working with our hosting service to diagnose this presently.

Currently emails are sent for all activities they should be sent for, but several email services are rejecting these automated messages as a form of spam protection, thus they do not appear in your email accounts (not even in the junk/spam folders). The solution requires our forum software to work with our host's email server correctly, and that's presently not the case.

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