Oriental?" "Don't do business every

Against the hot summer days, the electric fan slammed on the top of the head, and a tense atmosphere condensed. On that day, I entered the coveted junior high school with nine years of painting. Maybe happiness came so suddenly that I was excited for three years, and I saw that the exam was in front of me. Now I have no courage to say: move forward. Every time I lie in the high and high line, I only have a high level in front of me, so I have no choice. The results were slightly ups and downs, but they immediately fell to the bottom Cigarettes Online. I have opened the parent meeting again and again, as if I have already guessed the teacher��s next words, nothing more than accusation against me. "If painting can be eaten, then high school has something to use?" "Are you going to read Lanxiang or read New Oriental?" "Don't do business every day, will a high school look at the paintings you draw? People want to be these The words seem to entangle me like drugs, the more I want to break away, the deeper I am. In the last year of junior high school, I didn��t see the leaves of the ginkgo leaf yellowing and falling, I didn��t see the hot summer sun, I held the middle test questions every day, the glasses For example, the thickness of the beer bottle is increasing in layers. The class seems to be empty recently, and some of the students are all running their own things, leaving only to wait for the entrance examination. The slogan "Let's learn to die if you don't die" The countdown to the high school entrance examination next to the blackboard makes my heart beat more urgent Parliament Cigarettes. The senior high school entrance examination is very cruel, and the survival of the fittest is eliminated. I understand that for the sake of physical fitness, I even fainted three times during exercise, and I still can't escape the countdown. Looking back on these three years, we played games together, talked about gossip, and chased Korean dramas with the teacher. I participated in the school��s psychological drama script for the idol. Name, the script was made into a psychological drama. When the video was played before the teachers and students, I saw the smile on their faces. I was very proud of my heart. It may take too long for the students to remember only a few pictures, in the memory of the students. It may be just a passer-by, just like me, it��s hard to see you after the exam. The teacher occasionally talks about their high school fun in the classroom. The class teacher said that if time can be reversed, I just hope to stay in high school forever. After listening to it, I am very embarrassed. Life in high school, yeah! If time can be reversed, go back to the first lesson of the first day, I will not do anything that will make me regret in the future. But all this can not be saved, our dreams in the mouth, until the end What is the only thing that can be done with dreams and thoughts? "There are only two roads in front of you. One is a vocational high and the other is a high. What would you choose? "The teacher asked me this question at the beginning of this semester Online Cigarettes. I will now firmly answer: "High! "Not a high school is not a high.
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