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Time has passed by, and the goodness of the past has become a permanent memory, dusting the heart. The small saplings in the small courtyard of the hometown have also become a shady towering tree for humanity. "The years are urging people to be old Cigarettes Online." The young grandfather was also captured by the years, and I also changed from a naive child to a flower girl. For the first time - I realized the value of youth. I still remember the first grade, we unknowingly stepped into the campus. When I walked into the classroom and looked at the strange students, the children who were always alive and dead, and the ghosts and ghosts were completely speechless. At the second grade, everyone was familiar with each other and understood, and they could call each student accurately. name. Sometimes, because the classmate's sentence is not funny, the whole class will laugh at the same time. I laughed so heartlessly, and everyone wouldn��t explore why they laughed afterwards... I don��t know if no one is joking from the first few years, no hearty laughter, no fun. There was only a quiet classroom, only the arguments and sighs after the exam. Only when the students were studying hard in the class, they folded a lot of paper planes and carried my beautiful childhood dreams. Next to the saplings, listen to the grandfather telling the stories of those patriots; let the grandfather measure the height of the saplings every day, and the grandfather always does not bother. Every time a small sapling grows taller, I will be three feet tall, and my heart is sweet like honey. Nowadays, the paper plane has been yellowed, but childhood dreams are still there; although the story of the grandfather is not heard now, the story he has told is still fresh in my mind; the height of the small sapling is immeasurable mokingusacigarettes.com, but The desire to make small saplings grow taller has been realized. When I saw a group of children playing, I couldn��t help but ponder: I used to have such a good time, but I didn��t cherish it and spend a lot of time. It��s sad to think of it now. Now I can't play crazy, because we will graduate this year. I have never experienced the feeling of being separated from my friends. Naturally, I don't feel sad. Because of the graduation exam, my pressure is very big. I look at all kinds of questions every day, very tired and tired Newport Cigarettes. But I think youth is so good! It made me realize the beauty of friendship. Maybe sometimes you frown, but your friends will always make you happy; when you are happy, your friends will share with you the youth "short two words, but have a different meaning. Since we control Without the passing of youth, let us cherish youth and grasp youth, let youth bloom a beautiful flower.
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