some numbers on the gaits of these elite

In other words, she is not doing anything exceptionally fast or slow compared to the other top women. Given Nike Air Max 95 Dames that her stride rate here is lower than that of Davila and Goucher, she must have a longer stride length than the others in order to compensate (this assumes that these data are Nike Air Max 270 Donne representative of the entire race, which they may not be). Despite being a heel striker, Davila has the shortest stance time and the highest cadence. Goucher has a relatively long stance time, a shorter swing time, and has by far the shortest aerial time of any of these women at this point in the race.Among the men, Geoffrey Mutai has a faster swing time than the others, and less aerial time (both feet off the ground). He also has the shortest step time, and therefore the highest cadence of any of Nike Air Max 2017 Dam the men. Mosop, a true forefoot striker, has the shortest stance time and the longest aerial time – he is the only runner here who spends more time in the air Nike Air Max Classic BW Donne than on the ground. Ryan Hall has the longest stance time and a relatively long step time. His cadence is the lowest of any of the runners examined here.
As an easier way to compare Nike Air Max 2017 Femme these runners, below is a scatterplot showing each runner plotted according to Nike Air Max 97 Dam their values for swing time and stance time.Mosop and Goucher come out at opposite extremes in this plot. Mosop has a long swing phase, short stance phase, whereas Goucher has a long stance, short swing. Interestingly, the male and female winners Kilel and Mutai come out very close to one another in this plot, suggesting that they share some similarity in their gait parameters.I’m not sure what, if anything, all of this means, but it’s certainly interesting to put some numbers on the gaits of these elite marathoners. I need to digest this a bit before I can really say anything Nike Air Max 90 Hombre else, but I wanted to post it and see if anyone had any thoughts. If nothing else, it provides more evidence that even elites can vary considerably in their form – one need look no further than Mosop and Mutai. Both came in Nike Air Max 270 Femme under world record time (though not record eligible), and they did so using quite different gaits, at least in terms of swing/stance/aerial timing. What’s strange is that if you look at the video of the two of them, their strides look almost to mirror one another. I initially didn’t believe the numbers I had recorded, but I went back and analyzed the video again and came up with the same results. When talking about differences in the hundredths of a second, it’s difficult to notice differences from stride to stride with the naked eye, but I suppose things can add up over the course of a 26.2 mile race….interesting Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme stuff for sureIt might be useful to list the heights of each of the runners and also use this to compute the angle on stance to provide a form of normalized view of the stance. Cadence and runner height would also be something interesting to correlate. Presenting the Adidas Superstar Femme times on stance vs overall stride time as a percentage would also be interesting. Estimated speed of each of the runners at the time of the video would also be a useful factor to list.All of these suggestions revolve around trying to normalize the stats so that it’s we can better compare running gaits. For instance the tall runners will need a lower cadence than a short runner for the same running gait, that is, if one assumes the angles of the various body parts through the cycle being similar being a marker of similar running gait.The best way to derive this from the Nike Air Max Command Womens footage is to use the time in the air and the a mathematical model of parabolic flight under gravity. I’ve done some quick maths, assuming that the toe off height and landing height are the same, the equation would be g * T * T / 8.Admitedly not a perfect model given toe off and landing are likely to be a little different height, but it should be good enough to Nike Air Presto Womens understand the basic relationsip – double the time in the air and you quadruple the height, this make sense as you have to launch twice as fast vertically, and it takes twice as long to reach the peak, multiple the two together and you get four times the height.

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