Time is always walking

Time is always walking ruthlessly, leaving no gaps, a chance, always like a fair and rigorous judge, will not favor you, nor will he defend him. Perhaps, for time, human beings are both small and ignorant, and they are always arrogant, but they do not know that they are always chasing the shadow of time. However, we are only children of nature, sleeping in the cradle of the universe, we may not be able to get a grain of dust in the ethereal universe, but my body has a heart that is full of enthusiasm and radiance. ! Therefore, please allow me to make promises and use blood to scream. In this blue sky, in the vast sea, in the vast universe, listen to my wishes, please give people a chance to sunshine, please give me a chance to dawn. Wei Wei, greet the baptism of this spring. The harmonious wind, the fluttering skirt, waiting quietly under the splendor, it seems that the beautiful scrolls are faint Cigarettes For Sale, disappeared, in the memories, feel the bright sunshine of the mother! Standing on the balcony, leaning against the railing, reaching out to touch the feeling of warmth, but always immersed in the cold of the heart. Open your eyes, as if everything is clear, surrounded by chaos, I am separated from the sun by a layer of mist, this fog seems to separate the world from the sun, separating people from each other, and losing themselves. The sun that has passed away, the people who breathe the dirty air all day, the heart is like a lonely boat, fascinated through the sea in the undulating time, my body is eroded, my soul is rotten, I use only my life. The reason is to apologize to the sun, please give humans another chance. Water, please give me a chance. Water is the mother, the pureness of washing the dust, the rain is the soul of water, the gift of nature to human beings, we are the children of water, the partners of the rain, the nature. a piece. However, what is the human heart? In the noisy hustle and bustle, human beings are not transparent and pure, but they are stunned by the lure, lost by the money, even disregarding family, distorting humanity, to the mother. Extend your hand! The mother's eyes are no longer pure, but desperate and sad. The whole body is filled with the smell of decay. Rain is no longer a soul, but the tears of the mother, drizzle, intertwined with hatred and anger, with hatred, revenge for humans to ruin their home. When humans walked to the river, they always picked up their noses. "It's really disgusting!" Ah, it's ridiculous, suffocating, and it should be human! Listen, under the gloomy sky, there is a sneer of amazing rain! I am afraid that the last pure water in the world should be the tears of human beings Marlboro Lights. I apologize to the water and to this gloomy sky Cigarettes Online. Please give me another chance. Sky, please give me another chance! The corner of the city wall, the blue sky, the glamorous rose, this is heaven and earth. However, humans use both hands to smear the sky and smoke out the big holes. The sky is no longer blue, but the gray of despair, which makes people feel the death that is close at hand. Depressed days, depressed people, this is the punishment of nature. Heaven, twisting the painful face; people, sick and heavy bodies, tormenting each other. Human beings, is this the realm you want to live in? I apologize to this day, please give humans a chance! Opportunity, only once, in fact, the facts can be reversed! I think that when human beings want to see their bodies, they should be filled with dirty air, stinky water and a suffocating world! I am willing to seize the opportunity to change our world!
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