It was his birthday

It was his birthday that day, and the mother said, "Son, please make a request. Mother must satisfy you. He thought for a long time and said," Mom, I want to go to a movie with you. " When he was a kid, his mother often took him to the movies, and every time he came out of the cinema, the mother and child felt very happy. Later, the father and mother divorced and they stopped going to the movies. Mom took him alone and relied on Weibo every month. He also knew that he should n��t have the expense of buying movie tickets at home. After a few years, he had never been to the cinema once. He knew his mother wanted to make him happy. But he also wanted to make his mother happy Newport Cigarettes. So he thought of the movie. How much my mother used to watch movies. There was a movie theater near his house. The mother and the child walked happily, holding hands. He felt that the long-lost feeling had returned when he was a kid Carton Of Cigarettes. The mother looked at the theater in surprise. The beautiful and luxurious facade changes so much. Mother was surprised to see the fare written in fine art words at the ticket gate: 50 yuan per ticket. Two tickets are 100 yuan, which is the birth of their mother and son for 10 days. Living expenses! My mother said softly, "It's so expensive!" "It's an American blockbuster." He explained that he knew his mother was hesitating. But the boys in the class have seen it, and some people are always talking about thrilling and exciting shots after class. Going to the ticket gate with determination, after buying the ticket, he whispered, "Son, go and see for yourself Online Cigarettes. Mom is waiting for you here. "Mom ...", "Mom is so old that she has no interest in movies. Come in!" Mom pushed him and he walked a few steps, the lights went out. Two hours later, the movie was over. The sunlight outside was exceptionally bright. He saw at a glance that his mother was still in the place where she was ticketing him! He didn't bother to tell his mother that when he was so old, he could feel that his chest was clogged uncomfortably. The wind was blowing to support his eyelids. "Does it look good?" Mother touched his head, as if wondering, that the 50 yuan was worthless. He hugged his mother tightly and called desperately in his heart: Mom, Mom was in his third year. After that, he felt like he was growing up, and he was a child. He will always remember this last experience of being a child. Wang Guozhen said: We also love our mothers, but not the same as mothers love us. Our love is a stream, and mother's love is the ocean. What he said might be this.
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