The dream of youth

The dream of youth is to go far. Although there are no goals and directions, he has been running forward with his own strength. The ancients said: "Everything stands up before it is done," he said. "Be prepared so that you don't lose too much in this endurance and physical long-distance race. Let yourself be full of longing for the future, run hard, and enjoy. The world is fickle, one more confidence in oneself, one more mature and stable Cigarettes Online, repacking, and heading for youth in the distance is not a relaxing process. It can even be said that youth is not your most beautiful period, so There is no need to put time, energy and money on makeup. The youth you should be the simplest you, the most plain you, the most beautiful you. With youth as an adjunct, put a cup of boiling tea to see the most beautiful figure of youth, turned into a white mist, condensed into drops of water, hazy eyes, everything around, can not see clearly, can not touch. Take a bite of that green, a bitter bitterness dipped into the tip of the tongue, and a little sweetness wafted, why isn't that true for youth? With confusion and fear of the front, as well as longing and hope for the front, youth is the bitterness of the cold and warmth in the world, and the innocent friendship of Cardamom in the first encounter. On campus, you chase after me, and cry when you are tired. , Laugh when you are happy, little people who are heartless and heartless ... Whose youth is not confused? But in the confusion we can hold each other's hand, squint our eyes, and clear the fog with our hands. We must find the true meaning of youth in the confusion, appreciate the beauty of youth, and live up to the glory of youth, relying on the youth of this imagination, daring to do, dare to fight hard to run forward, towards the golden On the other side, there must be some decadent things in the bag of embracing a beautiful life and youth, such as "very tired", "learning is not useful, it is better to go to work to earn money" and so on. A stumbling block in his youth life looks fierce and is virtually unbeatable. The key is to see if the classmates have the confidence to discriminate between him and her. I have such a classmate beside me. He usually has good test results in all subjects. When he expires, the test results are horrible Wholesale Cigarettes. After repeating this for two years, his self-esteem is greatly damaged, and he is gradually passive and decadent. Depression all day long. Does this classmate have the ability to learn good habits? the answer is negative. Since he is able to rank high in the usual unit test, it means that he has mastered each unit well. As for the failure of the mid-term test, it shows that his comprehensive ability is not strong enough, and this ability can be improved by acquired exercises. However, he did not seize this opportunity, but immersed himself in the incomprehension and grief of the failure of the exam. This negative evasion mentality affected him and became a resistance to his learning, and ultimately defeated him. Only "blocker." There is also a positive example, that is, the famous scientist in China, Professor Tu Yi, Professor Tu and her research team did not lose their confidence after hundreds of experiments failed. The breakthrough has contributed an invaluable wealth to China and the world. Her contribution is undoubtedly huge. But what if she gave up after failing 190 experiments? Not to mention whether she will lose her reputation and wealth. In the medical profession alone, there is one less fighting, and the missing one may represent the fragmentation of tens of thousands of families. As long as you struggle, hope is . Even if there is only 1% hope, it will take 120% of the effort. We sweat like rain in the sun, we fight hard! In the heavy rain, we step on the mud, we are strong! The eagle will eventually fight the sky, and the tiger will eventually dominate the forest. Whether it is light or dark ahead, whether it is a smooth road or thorns ahead, we should run forward with an unsatisfied spirit and an unsatisfied spirit, calmly cope with any setbacks that may be encountered, reorganize our bags, and stride forward Although youth is confused, we will not lose ourselves; although youth is bumpy, we will not lose heart. The road is long and far away, and I will search up and down. Carry your youthful bag on your back, full of youthful dreams. Now that you have chosen a distant place, you only care about the wind and rain
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