Accessories: BULTHAUP gallery

The new ESTEL KATANA collection focuses on the modern man and underlines his expressive, mysterious aura. Art Director Andrey Pulin reflects the idea of different hair textures and combines them impressively in different lengths and creative styles. Inspired by a Japanese atmosphere, he shows the diverse possibilities for men's haircuts lace wigs and cleverly combines oriental motifs with a European approach.

A touch of spring ... promises the new ESTEL AQUARELLE collection. Delicate watercolor paints consisting of fine pigments enchant the viewer in Art Director Andrey Pulin's new collection and seem to take him into a world of elf-like mythical creatures. Numerous trendy short haircuts but also long hairstyles fascinate in unique water color play and create an awakening spring mood. Andrey Pulin succeeds in capturing each creation in the picture in such a way that a very harmonious, optical overall color perception is created.

Art Director: Andrey Pulin
Hairstyles: Andrey Pulin, Ilya Skovorodko, Ekaterina Savannikova, Nikita Kavlakan, Anastasia Mokhova, Elena Stepanova, Lika Nikon
Make-up: Daria Stakhovskaya, Ekaterina Adlerberg
Models: Polina Zinovieva, Anna Ilyina, Helena Ilyina, Anastasia Olenich, Sofia Glazunova, Anna Antipova, Julia Adaeva, Adeline Arkhipova, Sofya Semenova, Irina Samoilova
Production design: Olga Dikun
Photos: Georgiy Semenov
Accessories: BULTHAUP gallery

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