eme beauty in the rai

After attending a friend's wedding banquet, the sky was drizzling when going out. The rain on Tianjie is as crisp as crisp. This rain, like a silver wire dropped from the sky, swayed in the wind; like a girl's soft dance, light and elegant; like a young woman's soft slim hands, warm and warm. Walking in the rain in surprise, letting Yusi caress my slightly drunk face, combing my slightly messy short hair, and feeling strange romance and coziness in the meditation. I looked up at the sky, the gray sky, the raindrops of a few beans fell, slipped into the mouth, cool, sweet ... the rain accompanied by the wind seemed to be much denser than before, and I couldn't wait to spread it out Umbrellas, raindrops falling like a group of naughty elves, crackling, as if they were hitting the umbrella surface with a small drum hammer. I listened to my ears, as if the raindrops struck the earth ��s heartstrings, forming a series of wonderful notes, jumping around, jumping in my heart, so familiar and remote; the rainwater flowed and gathered on the asphalt road. Converging in my mind, it was so clear and so embarrassing. This rain aroused my long-cherished nostalgia, sweet and sad. At this time, the wind rushed across the rain with impunity, and through the misty rain curtain, an unusual scenery came to my eyes. I see The following table is close to two points. It is the peak period of work. I saw people rushing to work, some wearing ponchos, some holding umbrellas, red, green, yellow, blue ... all kinds of The rain gear is colorful, dazzling, and dizzying; galloping cars, the white mist waves rolling under the rolling wheels, just like the layers of waves rolled up by the sea Marlboro Red, are not spectacular; Bright and beautiful. Flowers, what kind of red is that?�� Enchanting. Grass, what kind of green is that? Lush lush. I often walk in such rain, but I haven't noticed before, there is such extreme beauty in the rain! How long did it rain. I don't know how long I have been in the rain. The sky was slightly dim. I put away my umbrella, looking at the fresh, detached and renewed world, joy wavy from the corner of my mouth. I saw a few children playing under a few locust trees in front of them. Together they shook off a tree of crystal raindrops, and allowed the raindrops to drip on the young face and onto the head and body. They are giggling, you chase after me, jumping happily, making noises ... This scene is very familiar. Listening to their silver bell-like laughter and looking at their carefree and carefree childish faces, I can't help but evoke the memories of my childhood life, which is also forgotten, this season is also like this rain It's the age of a child like this, as well as such a companion. The only difference is that at that time in the evening, a rainbow was set up on the horizon after the rain. The rainbow is accompanied by the smiling face of the setting sun, and it is wonderful. Several of our little friends cheered and jumped, stretched out their little fingers to the rainbow, and narrowed their eyes to count: red, yellow, blue, pink ... there are too many colors, not just these seven. We were all dazzled, hair covered, eyes swollen, and eventually we could not count them, and gradually waited for the setting sun to fall Marlboro Lights, we lamented the last rays of glory with regret. The dreamy rainbow and the splendid fireworks, although staying in the universe, have been fixed in my heart as eternal time, and the years have been sharpened. To this day, I do not know how many long roads I have traveled, nor how much rainy melody I have heard Cigarettes Online. Looking back suddenly, although time has taken away my childhood, it has not taken away my obsession with childhood. If you have a chance, regain that wet memory, re-enter the old land in your dream, look for traces of childhood, look at the little playmates of that year, and look at the leaf rolling Raindrops, and then look at the gorgeous rainbow in the sky, why not be a great pleasure
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