HypNation.org (Beta) - Terms of use

https://forum.hypnation.org ("HypNation.org (Beta)") is a social network designed by and for those interested in recreational use of hypnosis. By registering on the Hypnation.org website and participating in forum discussions you agree to comply with the following rules:


  1. This website contains adult material. Register only if you are over 18 years of age and are of age to purchase pornography in your jurisdiction. If you are a registered member and we find out you are under 18, we will delete your account and ban you from creating future accounts.
  2. You will need an account to view or post in the private areas of this website. Registration requires only a working email.

Forum Rules

We value mutual respect and ongoing, informed consent. These rules are written with the intention of fostering and serving a community built on these values. Please treat everyone here with respect. If you see behavior that violates the forum rules, please report it. A moderator or admin will review it and respond accordingly as quickly as possible.

  1. Be respectful. Trolling (deliberately offensive or provocative posts with the aim of eliciting emotional responses) and flaming (excessively vitriolic or personally insulting posts) are not acceptable. If we see them, we will remove them without warning.
  2. Be tolerant. No form of discrimination, bigotry, or hate speech is welcome here. This includes public content maligning any person or group based on ethnicity, race, gender, orientation, faith, or identity.
  3. Respect copyright laws. Linking to other peopleís content is okay, reposting it in whole or large excerpts without original commentary is not. Do not use Hypnation as an avenue to distribute pirated material.
  4. Do not spam.
    1. We define spam as annoying or disruptive use of the forum to promote goods or services.
    2. We realize some members of the community offer goods and services to the community that are not free, such as events, educational resources, hypnosis files, or shiny objects. We ask that you publicize these resources only in designated forums and repeat ("bump") posts only as pertinent new information arises or no more than once per week (whichever is more frequent). This is not considered spam.
    3. We consider personal advertisements posted outside the designated areas to be spam.
    4. Users whose purpose on the forum appears to be creating spam ("spammers") will have their accounts deleted without warning.
  5. All participants in any description of sexual activity must be of legal age. We will delete any posts describing sex with or fetishizing minors as soon as we see them.
  6. Respect other forum usersí privacy. Do not dox or out other forum members. Any post that contains personal information of any sort on another forum member will be deleted. Moderators will not check the accuracy of the information.
  7. Avoid using hypnotic language or NLP to influence non-consenting members of the community. Posts intended to induce trance or influence others using hypnotic language or NLP in the course of otherwise ordinary discussion are not allowed. As it is not possible to gauge intent with perfect accuracy, a moderator will make the final decision on whether a post violates this rule.
  8. Posting hypnotic scripts is allowed in designated areas of the forum. If you post a script, please make a note that the script is intended to induce trance and an overview of the suggestions given. Scripts that do not include a note will be removed from the forum (you may, however, repost them with the appropriate note). Mods may remove or edit posts that do include a note if they determine the note to be inadequate.
  9. Be excellent to each other. Unfortunately, our list of rules cannot account for every possible form of bad behavior. We reserve the right to suspend or ban users for conduct that does not explicitly violate a rule but that we find unacceptable, disrespectful, or harmful to other users or the community at large.

Response to violations

  1. First violations will receive a warning and potential suspension.
  2. Repeat violators will receive longer suspensions or bans, depending on the severity of the offense and number of previous offenses.
  3. Sufficiently severe violations may incur a ban on the first offense.
  4. Moderators are under no obligation to review or lift a ban.