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Company Overview
Futuresun Group Co., Ltd is traditional active bread baking yeast factory from China. We focus on the food grade and feed grade yeast researching and developing for about 20 years and proud to be the reliable supplier of our clients worldwide.
About Ethiopia
Ethiopia, the Abyssinia of ancient of times, stands out among African countries. It is only one that never colonized by a Europan power. Although battles were fought and Italy annexed the region for about five years, Ethiopia never had a long period of subjection to another country.
Our instant dry yeast in Ethiopia Injera
If you've ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant 鈥?certainly if you've ever set foot in Ethiopia 鈥?you will have heard of injera. It's a sourdough flatbread unlike any other sourdough. It starts out looking like a crepe but then develops a unique porous and slightly spongy texture. The thin batter is poured onto the cooking surface, traditionally a clay plate over a fire though now more commonly a specialized electric injera stove, and the bottom remains smooth while the top develops lots of pores which makes it ideal for scooping up stews and sauces.
And that's exactly how injera is used, as an eating utensil. And as a plate. And often in place of the tablecloth. A variety of stews, vegetables and/or salads are placed on a large piece of injera and guests use their right hands to tear portions of the injera which are used for gripping the food. The porous texture of the injera makes it ideal for soaking up the juices.Ethiopia Instant Dry Yeast
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